Buy Local from a Trusted Source

The ingredients in all Dr. JimZ products are of the highest quality.  As many ingredients as possible are sourced locally, the rest are all from the USA through trusted vendors.  This assurance, teamed with a manufacturing process that ensures the high potency, purity, and consistency of our products, give you the confidence that you are buying the best for your animals.

Over 80 Years of Experience

Dr. JimZ formulas pull from the generations of experience we have in holistic nutritional science.  Starting with a small store in 1933, the Zamzow family has been making animal feed for over 80 years.

Know your Manufacturer

Come in and visit with us about your feed needs.  The same people you talk to are the people who make the feeds.  The people at the Meridian Feed Mill know their product and are there to help you with any of your feed needs